Viralinfo Cool Mist Humidifier, 1byone 2.8L/0.62Gal Ultrasonic Humidifiers with 20+ Hours Use, End for Dry Air, No Noise & 7 Color LED Night Lights with Automatic Shut-off Function for Home Baby Room Bedroom Office:Viralinfo
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Cool Mist Humidifier, 1byone 2.8L/0.62Gal Ultrasonic Humidifiers with 20+ Hours Use, End for Dry Air, No Noise & 7 Color LED Night Lights with Automatic Shut-off Function for Home Baby Room Bedroom Office:Viralinfo

1 BY ONE Published in September 20, 2018, 11:15 pm
 Cool Mist Humidifier, 1byone 2.8L/0.62Gal Ultrasonic Humidifiers with 20+ Hours Use, End for Dry Air, No Noise & 7 Color LED Night Lights with Automatic Shut-off Function for Home Baby Room Bedroom Office:Viralinfo

Cool Mist Humidifier, 1byone 2.8L/0.62Gal Ultrasonic Humidifiers with 20+ Hours Use, End for Dry Air, No Noise & 7 Color LED Night Lights with Automatic Shut-off Function for Home Baby Room Bedroom Office:Viralinfo

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natasha colcombe
natasha colcombe Reply to on 3 January 2018
I bought this as i get a lot of sinus problems and allergies, especially in the winter when the central heating is on. This has made a huge difference. I'm not suffering anywhere near as much. I'm glad i went for one that does the aromatherapy oils too. I had flu and having the steam plus the eucalyptus oil really helped. Now I'm using lavendar oil to help with sleep. I like the shape if this and i love the soothing colour change light which isnt too bright. It holds lots of water so I'm not having to change it every 5 mins. I would definitely recommend this.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton Reply to on 6 July 2017
Great purchase, lovely fresh cool air, leave it on in bedroom whilst sleeping as we've no windows we can open. Lovely colour changing light that you can put on if you want. Air blast at different speed, easy to adjust. Think it's cured my snoring too!!!!!
John2007 Reply to on 18 December 2016
This is a cool mist, ultrasonic humidifier and essential oil diffuser with LED lights and mist intensity control.

In the box:

- Diffuser base unit.

- 2.8 litre water tank with filter cap.

- Vapour nozzle.

- User manual.

Some features and functions:

- Large 2.8 litre water tank.

- 360 degree rotatable vapour nozzle.

- Separate compartment for essential oils.

- Extremely quiet.

- 7 colour LED light.

- Vapour intensity control wheel.

The large 2.8 litre water tank with this product makes it much more practical than any other diffuser that I have previously owned because with one tank full it will last all day.
This product is also the quietest diffuser I have ever owned. Usually with other diffusers they are OK when the TV is on or there is some other noise happening then you can't hear them, but when everything is switched off at night and you are trying to sleep then they can be quite noisy. This is not the case with this product, the only noise that you can here from this product, when everything else is quiet at night, is every so often air will bubble through the water tank as the water chamber is automatically refilled. However this is not a loud noise or an annoying noise, it is only noticeable when everything else is quiet and is only every so often.
The rotatable vapour nozzle is also very handy as it allows you to control the vapour direction without having to move the full device.
There is a separate aroma compartment with a small sponge that you can put the oils into, this saves having empty the water tank and rinse it then refill it every time you want to change the aroma. All that is needed to change the aroma is to remove the small sponge give it a rinse under water, squeeze it out and soak it with your oil of choice.
The LED light can be set to your favourite colour or it can automatically cycle through all of the colours. The light can also be turned off.
The vapour intensity control knob is one of my favourite features. The intensity of the vapour can be set from a very small flow or a really heavy flow and anywhere in between. The intensity of the vapour at full power is amazing within minutes it can fill my large living room with aroma. I usually start with the diffuser on full power for about 30 mins and then turn down low and it keeps the freshness going all day.

I have rated this product 5 stars because it feels well made and is the best diffuser I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends and anyone else who needs a diffuser.

If you found this review helpful please click the yes button, I would really appreciate it.
Sarah Reply to on 3 August 2018
I see this is now unavailable because something wrong with it/not as described etc, which surprises me. I've had mine for quite a while now, and find it works well. On highest setting, it increases humidity levels within a small room to 99% RH. It does tend to leave things wet/damp around it on full setting, but don't think that's a failing of the device - the steam has to go somewhere, after all, and if there's enough, it will settle as moisture. If turned down, it doesn't happen. I use this for my plants, and they seem to like the higher humidity. It's quiet, you can barely hear it. The only downside to this, for me, is that it's not very easy to clean. It gets quite dirty, and all parts have to be cleaned regularly, but the tank is impossible to reach all over inside, due to the way it's constructed. Having said this, am not sure whether it could be constructed much differently - this is my first humidifier. The other thing is the scent compartment: it's a little drawer at the bottom, with a sponge inside, where you can put essential oil. This compartment eventually also gets dirty, but you have to be very careful cleaning it, and can't use water, as the shaft leading up from the compartment is open to the electrical wiring inside. In my view, it should be sealed off on the inside. But this part doesn't need cleaning nearly as much as the rest, and I've managed so far ok. The essential oil works well, and I like having that option, as well as a quite large water tank - many others seemed to have one or the other. The price is good, so I'd but this again. I am considering buying one with a larger tank from this brand - on highest setting, the water lasts about 8 hours, I'd guess, maybe a bit longer. If running it all the time, you have to re-fill 2 - 3 times per day, which gets tedious. I have been running mine more or less all the time, though, for 4 months now, and have had no issues. I've bought replacement filters for it, although I don't change them as often as recommended, as I use filtered (jug, not the type that uses salt) water for it, to reduce the scale deposits. The filters seem quite expensive at £5 each, which is the 2nd downside for me. Otherwise, would recommend this and would buy again.
Charlotte Clinton-Welbeck
Charlotte Clinton-Welbeck Reply to on 11 July 2018
Very pleased that I bought this recently. As the weather has been so hot this humidifier has been amazing. It blows out cold air very strongly if needed but this can be adjusted to just a gentle flow. I added lavender oil to the pad in the small drawer as suggested and this combined with the changing lights produces a calming and relaxing effect. It's a robust well made machine and worth the money. Can recommend.
Fidub Reply to on 13 January 2017
We had an expensive humidifier as my daughter has asthma and it helped her nighttime cough. Unfortunately the kids broke it by posting coins into it! We replaced it with a cheaper model that just soaked everything with the mist. I was all set to splash out on another expensive one as I figured you must get what you pay for. But I saw the reviews of this and decided to give it a go. I'm so glad we did, it's as good so our original one. I am also thankful that the light can be turn off too as that was to much at night on our last model. Highly recommended.
xiao Reply to on 12 July 2017
I put it by the window,we get a solid 10hrs out of a fill on high output. We have air-conditioner opened all night, the room getting very dry, you get a lot of humidity in the air, feel much better, more relax, happy breathing now.
The LED lights are really pretty soothing, 7colors cycling or fixed at one color, you can use it as a night light. I've never used scented oils with this humidifier because I wasn't sure how to keep that area clean. I'll give it a try sometime and see how that goes.
Neelix Reply to on 3 January 2018
I really love this humidifier, it’s made a massive difference. I’m on the phone all day on my job and was constantly troubled with a dry cough for months. Using this it has gone completely after about a week!! I can hardly believe it! And it doesn’t make the area around it wet like a previous humidifier I had did, just moistens the air like it’s supposed to do
Maximus66 Reply to on 10 February 2017
Whisper quiet and starts emitting a cool steam almost instantly.
I keep mine set on a third overnight and the moisture effect is just right.
Have to stand my tissue box in front of the power light, as it's a bit bright, but otherwise no complaints.
LED lighting effect very good; either colour changing or static colour. Alternatively, light off.
Good capacity tank and auto shut-off in case of water running out. Would definitely recommend.
chobbs Reply to on 8 August 2017
Broke after 2 weeks... didn't even use it every night and it just stopped working. Now makes a loud whirring noise whenever switched on
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