Viralinfo 5 Star Office Vinyl Reinforcement Washers [Box 250]:Viralinfo
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5 Star Office Vinyl Reinforcement Washers [Box 250]:Viralinfo

5 Star
5 Star Published in September 20, 2018, 11:14 pm
 5 Star Office Vinyl Reinforcement Washers [Box 250]:Viralinfo

5 Star Office Vinyl Reinforcement Washers [Box 250]:Viralinfo

Price:£1.46+ Free shipping

John Mounsey
John Mounsey Reply to on 8 October 2015
All I will say about these is a) They are perfectly fit for purpose (I've rattled through my first box of 250 very quickly!).

b) In order to clear up some apparent confusion, the box I receive containing *WHITE* washer rings (not clear / transparent).

This was a shame (the description on Amazon DOES state "White" - but having asked previous buyers, it would seem that some people have received clear ones (which was my preference) - when ordering this same product.

If you too are hoping for clear ones, as a workaround tip I'd recommend getting these white ones anyway - and then sticking them on the *reverse* side of your hole-punched papers (doesn't work well if you've printed on both sides of the same sheet of paper though, of course).

Hard to criticise these really - so definitely recommended as fit for purpose. Four stars.
Shamu85 Reply to on 5 March 2017
Does exactly as stated - reinforces hole-punched paper and plastic wallets. I get through these by the hundred as I complete NVQ assignments for work. They are made of transparent vinyl and are very tough - not had issues with any tearing yet and the dispenser makes getting them out of the box a breeze
Dec HT
Dec HT Reply to on 7 February 2015
Before buying the 5 Star Vinyl Reinforcement Washers, I would place my papers in files and would notice that they get torn near the ring binder. After noticing that such products exist, I browsed and saw the reviews of the 5 Star Vinyl Reinforcement Washers which were favourable. I purchased the product and it arrived in a few days.
Two strong points for this products are that the reinforcement rings are strong and they are transparent. The size of the holes is exaclty the same as that of hole punchers but they are smaller than the holes in normal sheets.
A bad point would be: if you arrange the tape as advised - getting out from the side and passing under the small piece of the opener - , and when you pull the tape, the rings should unstick by themselves so that you do not have to individually remove each ring as if you are unsticking a sticker. However, the mechanics do not always work and you have to unstick them traditionally.
hfffoman Reply to on 14 October 2013
I give 4 stars because the value for money is excellent. But the box... The last time I bought ring reinforcements, the ribbon fed neatly out of the box making them easy to use. With this one, you have to open the box to get at them, then you find the nearest end is fixed to the bottom of the box so you can't pull it out. The other end is loose but inaccessible, so you have to take the whole thing out of the box whereupon it unravels into a scene reminiscent of Mr Bean.
C. S. Winter
C. S. Winter Reply to on 18 January 2012
I purchased the reinforcing rings for the same reason as another reviewer earlier, to strengthen up the punched holes in a wall calender.

Excellent product indeed, with a "snazzy" self feeding pull off, to enable the very small rings to be removed from the PVC backing roll. Thoroughly recommended, although small and thin in texture, they are very strong with good adhesion.
LizyD Reply to on 18 April 2018
These reinforcement washers for plastic hole punched pockets are good quality and stick well. Good for repairing but better to put them on before starting to use the wallets. Would recommend.
bwallum Reply to on 16 February 2015
You need to be desperate to use these but when that 20 year old receipt (lifetime guarantee) keeps dropping out of the file they do the trick nicely. The dispenser (an intergral part) is simple but easily overlooked as you rip away at the packaging. Tip: Don't open the box! Look at the underside first.
Xo-Lolipop-oX Reply to on 2 September 2014
Really good product and do just what I intended them to do. Really good price and great quality. Good dispenser at the bottom of the box - even if it's not what it looks like in the image. My only issue was that a box of 250 only does about 60 odd pieces of paper if you want the really well reinforced holes I did and put 2 each side of the paper for the two holes and therefore ended up using 4 per page and found they ran out fast, but I hve just re-ordered two more boxes. Fab :)
L. W. Newton
L. W. Newton Reply to on 8 July 2012
Used these on some travel labels that I designed/printed, the labels withstood the rigors of air/bus/taxi travel and we did not loose one, postal type elastics bands were used to attach the labels to luggage.

Simple stick on self adhesive application and great little dispenser.

Cheaper than high street shops with FREE delivery!!
Pandroid Reply to on 12 November 2017
They work well and will last us for a few years. They just do the job they are meant to. What else can I say.Hey do what
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