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Allan Ahlberg
Allan Ahlberg Published in October 22, 2018, 2:31 am
 The Baby's Catalogue:Viralinfo

The Baby's Catalogue:Viralinfo

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Ros Reply to on 22 January 2016
Fabulous book, 2 year old loves pointing at all the pictures and discussing them, she loves the "Accidents" page best of all. Lovely to read through and talk about the days that are happening in the book, trying to work out which family is doing which bit, and talking about your own day in the same context. Sweet and funny pictures (as always with these authors), perfect little book for bedtime or for on the go.
Sarah T.
Sarah T. Reply to on 27 January 2016
This is SUCH a wonderful book. I love that you can pick it up and flick to any page as it's not a storybook, just a catalogue of pictures. My son enjoys pointing at the different pictures and naming what is happening in the scene. As is the Ahlbergs style, all the images feel like they're from a bygone era, but still completely relevant today. I love that on the 'eating' page the book has pictures of breastfeeding too as this seems to be pretty uncommon in more modern books.
Shezza77 Reply to on 13 September 2014
Fantastic book. My 20 month old and I have so much fun with this. Her favourite page is 'accidents' and she chortles for hours at the baby falling down the toilet, the dog stealing the cake, the toddler with his head stuck. I still see new things every time I look at it and we have read it hundreds of times. Of course I say read and there are no story words as such. You make up your own story and share observations and point and laugh and generally have fun. Beautifully illustrated and endless learning potential. Love it
JC Reply to on 12 September 2014
My 15 month old son loves Peepo and Each Peach Pear Plum, so I thought I'd try another Ahlberg book. He hasn't stopped asking for The Baby's Catalogue since we got it! I kind of like that there is no real 'story'. There are tons of lovely illustrations in the book for us to talk about and so you are able to make your own text/story as you flip through. And joy of joys (for me at least) it means the 'story' is different every time. I'd definitely recommend this board book.
Frances Stott
Frances Stott Reply to on 23 August 2013
I have been giving this lovely book to babies and toddlers for years, and it's always a big hit. Beautifully drawn, humorous pictures illustrate many of the objects and situations familiar to very small children, and while a few of the illustrations may seem a little dated now (eg cloth nappies) most of the are as relevant as they ever were. A guaranteed family favourite, destined I'm sure to entertain young families for many years to come.
Miss Cope
Miss Cope Reply to on 26 July 2017
I gave this to my Year 2 children independently to find out themselves about what a baby needs. Really good conversation from sensible group. Some got a bit silly with it so would recommend reading with an adult.
Carley Reply to on 20 January 2018
I loved this book as a child.I decided to buy it again for future nieces and nephews.I read it myself again and it was so cute .A must read for children.
JoJo Reply to on 29 July 2017
A lovely book for young children. My sister and I had the original and it was one of our favourites even when we were older. Full of funny illustrations that both children and parents will enjoy. Great way to learn objects and activities of everyday life.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 August 2018
Pictures are as important as words to very young children and this book is an absolute delight.
Diana Reply to on 13 November 2014
This was a favourite with my own children, and it continues to be a favourite with the next generation. "Baby's Day" is an old idea for a picture book, but this follows the day of five different families, and it includes touches of realism and humour that most books in the genre omit. Very young children do understand the jokes.
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