Viralinfo Buff Original, Ng Messiaen Black, Adult/One Size:Viralinfo
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Buff Original, Ng Messiaen Black, Adult/One Size:Viralinfo

Buff Published in October 22, 2018, 2:30 am
 Buff Original, Ng Messiaen Black, Adult/One Size:Viralinfo

Buff Original, Ng Messiaen Black, Adult/One Size:Viralinfo

Price:£15.24+ £10.49 shipping

Pauly Paul
Pauly Paul Reply to on 26 June 2018
I used to own about a dozen Buffs but my collection seems to have diminished and have been left with just one. I do love these things, I tend to wear one 90% of the time whilst I’m not in the office. They’re excellent quality, retain their shape and can be abused no end without becoming tired looking. When needed, I’ll often wash my Buff in the kitchen sink and wring it out with force, putting it straight back on my head. It’s cooling when you do that and as I said, even a vigorous wringing doesn’t cause it to lose its form.

I bought this new one in an attempt to build up my collection again and am really happy, as always. There are cheap alternatives out there but their quality doesn’t touch an authentic Buff, not by a country mile. I’ll be purchasing many more moving forward, they’re a great collection to any wardrobe.
Lucy Wall
Lucy Wall Reply to on 1 December 2017
Great for wearing at bed time to protect my curls. I am a massive fidgit and this 9/10 is still on my head by the time I wake up with my curls unfrizzed.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 January 2018
Cannot recommend getting one of these enough. Or at least that's true for those living in cold countries.
Often times this makes the difference between being a bit chilly and completely snug. In the house I find that putting this on is a perfectly viable alternative to putting another jumper or coat on. I'm also always thankful when wearing this out in cold - particularly windy - weather.
Not to mention the oddly satisfying aspect of masking half your face which appeals to your nature of wanting anonymity. No? Just me? Ok.
Betsie Needles
Betsie Needles Reply to on 28 August 2018
Fantastic! These are great for us ladies with long hair, especially those of us with layers. What is worse on a walk, you get your heart rate up, the weather is a little humid and your hair gets stuck to your face. Not with one of these little babies, stick it on and it keeps the hair away. A must if you are active!
Nass Reply to on 9 April 2018
I bought the purple thin one. What a waste of money! It's too thin and too small. Also the logo is too sparkly, it looks very cheap. I bought another one in Decathlon shop in London for £3 and it's much nicer.
somelikeithot Reply to on 26 February 2018
Colour not accurate at all. Mine is very washed out looking, and mostly mustard and brown colour. Not what I was wanting. Where's the lovely deep burgundy and blue from the photo shown? Really thin material too. Not impressed at this price. Won't buy again.
Claire Reply to on 4 June 2018
Not used this one as yet, but have a number of Buff's that I use for running in the colder months to help with my asthma. Worth paying a little more and getting the genuine items as other do not do the job as well, this is great one to get with any running outfit and won't clash re the colours.
hihola Reply to on 31 August 2017
Love it. Use it for running and cycling, it's warm when I need it to be, but never too warm, even when doing exercise. The pattern is pretty funky and it's dark enough not to be too garish. Also I use it round my wrist and to keep my phone strapped to the back of my hand which has been really useful too.
Mr. J. P. Waite
Mr. J. P. Waite Reply to on 4 April 2018
I really like having a Buff for winter cycling. I can have it simultaneously around my neck to block drafts, under my chin to avoid irritation from my jacket zip and covering my ears to stop them freezing off, all while still being comfortable under my helmet. Nicely made, soft and stretchy.
Hannah Lennon
Hannah Lennon Reply to on 29 November 2017
Multi purpose. My fella is outside all day with work so this is brilliant in winter to keep the chill off with out getting sweaty and can breath through it. Also good for keeping the bugs out of your mouth while cycling.
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