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No Comment The Major Crimes Team - A DI Harry Evans novella:Viralinfo

Graham Smith
Graham Smith Published in September 20, 2018, 11:14 pm
 No Comment The Major Crimes Team - A DI Harry Evans novella:Viralinfo

No Comment The Major Crimes Team - A DI Harry Evans novella:Viralinfo


Spicewalker Reply to on 1 April 2018
This may be a novella but, by 'eck, it packs one hell of a punch into the mere 100 pages or so. For the uninitiated, i.e. me, Harry Evans is a retired DI rom Cumbria's Major Crimes team. This book find Harry in a bit of a mess emotionally and physically, the reasons for which become clear as you read the story. I've not read any of the prior books so I guess, for me, there were potentially some minor spoilers in terms of the recap of Harry's former life, but nothing that will stop me from enjoying reading the first books in the series.

From the very beginning this book has me gripped. We are faced with a woman who is being attacked in a rather brutal way, the reasons unknown and yet it is clear that she know's why. It will take the readers the length of the novella to get to the root cause of the attack but you will be faced with clues and suppositions as the Major Crimes team investigate. As to which is the actual reason ... well you need to read to find out as I'm not going to tell you.

Although this was only a short story, the tension was kept up throughout, the mystery and intrigue none abating as I wanted to learn just what as going on. The violence was kept off the page for the most part, so for the squeamish amongst you, you have nothing to fear, but that doesn't mean that Graham Smith won't keep you on edge. He absolutely blooming well will. This isn't a story which needs to be gratuitous and the strength of the novella lies in the plotting and the team which Smith has created to support the story.

And what a team they are. While I may not have met them before, the author has done a great job of establishing character, so much so that I got a real feeling for each of them and was immediately wanting to learn more. From DC Amir Bhaki to DC Lauren Phillips, the tech savvy DS Neil Chisholm or the relatively new and not quite fully accepted Harry Evans replacement, DI Campbell, each ones individual quirks and style emanated from the page and made me want to get to know them better. But it is Harry Evans who you want to know the most. He's old school, hard hitting, not quite able to retire, not quite willing to follow protocol. A flawed protagonist and although my introduction was brief, I loved getting to know a bit more about him, And Tripod. I really love Tripod. Sounds like my kind of dog.

The writing in this novella is tight, all driving the action onward at a perfect speed, with no ounce of fat or wasted paragraphs to be found. I raced through it, almost disappointed that it wasn't longer to be fair, and I can tell already this is a series I need to catch up on. I have the next release ready and waiting for me, so I can't wait to make a start on it. If you've never met Harry and Co before, then this could be a great place to start. But then why not go back to the beginning. From what I've seen here, you're in for one heck of a treat. Brilliant stuff.
Noelle@Crimebookjunkie Reply to on 22 March 2018
Eeeeeeeeeek! It seems like FOREVER that we have been waiting for the next in the Harry Evans series and then Mr Smith teases us with this fantastic, wee novella! NAUGHTY! But never fear, as a full novel is out in May and that, my bookish friends, is SUPERB!
I was thrilled to be back in Cumbria with the Major Crimes Team and that rogue (now ex DI) Harry Evans where we were met with secrets, shame, guilt, the protection of loved ones, breach of trust and the search for the truth. #AllTheBOOMS
Mr Smith instantly grabs the readers attention with his opening chapters/prologues and this was no different. HOOKED! I liked the way the author used a real, and somewhat uncomfortable topic but dealt with it sensitively. Be prepared for all your emotions to be drained by the time you get to the end of the book though… it is just one of those reads! The author also included the wider victims (friends/family) who are affected, this just added to the authenticity of this intricate and compelling plot. Despite being a novella, by the time I was finished I felt like I had read a full book – that is another thing that this author does well. Fabulous, Mr Smith! The fingers of suspicion are pointed at a few people and Mr Smith’s knack of engaging the reader has you following the clues alongside the FMIT.
Character-wise, this book was all about Bhaki more than any other member of the FMIT. He is sensible and seems at times to be drawn into DI Campbell’s (Harry replacement) way of doing things but not so much because he is a follower- more so because he does not want to see the FMIT disbanded. He is loyal and dedicated and this book lets us see a more vulnerable side to him. I loved it!!
Lauren – I know she is a marmite character, but I adore this lady! Sassy, confident, knows her worth – she is one gal not to be messed with. Very loyal to Evans and the FMIT – she follows orders…most times…and always gets the job done. No one will ever change my mind about Lauren and I hope she never changes! LOVE HER!
Awww- Harry, Harry…Harry. You just gotta love this guy. Such an arse, but a heart of gold. Following on from I Know Your Secret, we see Harry recovering from a pretty nasty beating – he brought it all on himself for reasons…well, read the book and you will find out more. But the author does not shy away from putting his main characters through the wringer that’s for sure and I can only imagine that we have not seen the last of the hardships Mr Evans will face. Needless to say, once he recovers, Harry will be starting his consultancy role and that should be fun! #PoorPoorHarry!
Gracie is another brilliant character – a young girl with a lot on her shoulders and Mr Smith brings her character alive beautifully. Same goes for Jack (her bother) – his vulnerability, and desire to protect those he cares about is heart-breaking. WOW! WOW! WOW!
Maureen Leighton and DI Campbell as well as other familiar characters are not left out of the mix, but if I carry on – there will be no point in reading the novella! So…do I recommend this book? You bet your sweet backside I do! Emotive, hard-hitting and a page-turning read, Graham Smith has once again nailed it! This quick but totally satisfying novella will have you eagerly waiting for When The Water Recedes (novel) and OMG – you are in for a treat with that!
C Knight
C Knight Reply to on 26 March 2018
Harry Evans had left the Major Crimes Team and this is the first case the team have to face without their former DI. Are they up to the challenge?! Can they find Julie’s attacker? What’s Harry going to do with all this spare time on his hands?? So many questions and guess what? You can find out the answers by reading No Comment.

No Comment opens with a rather distressing chapter; it’s brutal but I’ve come to expect that from Mr Smith, particularly after his previous Evans novel I Know Your Secret. There was definitely wincing going on as the extent of Julie’s injuries were revealed! But as the story develops, we start to see different sides of the team. Amir Bhaki comes into his own with this investigation and hard man Harry shows a more vulnerable side after the heartbreak he’s suffered over the series and now his enforced retirement, losing the job he loves and lives for. With Harry out the office, Campbell is now determined to get the respect of the team that his predecessor had and eradicate the shortcuts (aka bad habits) that previously allowed.

This is a short read at only 99 pages but it is action packed and you definitely don’t have much time to catch your breathe as the team explore every avenue of investigation. Graham Smith has a way of writing that puts you right there in the midst of the action. You can read this novella as a stand alone but to fully appreciate the some of the references, you really do need to go back and read the series from the start.

I have to say I love returning to Cumbria and the world of Harry Evans. The series gets better each time and I wait with great anticipation for each instalment. And I can not wait for the upcoming When The Waters Recede!!!
sarah hardy
sarah hardy Reply to on 22 March 2018
No Comment follows on from where the last book in the series finishes. The author has given plenty of background though so I really believe that readers will not feel like they are missing out if they haven’t read any other books in the series. As it is a great series though you are seriously missing out if you don’t read them.

We are taken right into the nitty gritty of things with the attack on Julia Simon. Well from that point on the author had me hook, line and sinker!

I love how the author in each book lets one of the team take the lead and lets them shine. This time it’s the turn of Bhaki and was good to get to know him and his role in the team better. He is quite young so still has a bit to learn but that’s where Harry comes in as he is very much a mentor still to most of them.

The author certainly weaves a truly gripping story leaving me not knowing what to expect. No way could I have envisioned the twists and turns that were about to hit me. I loved that even in a novella the author still manages to satisfy my every need that I would expect from a full length story but within a novella.

No Comment was yet another brilliant read from the author. Quick, gritty with shocks and surprises galore that left me feeling like an emotional wreck by the end. I loved that I felt so many emotions and is definitely the sign of a great writer.
Shell Baker
Shell Baker Reply to on 24 March 2018
I am a big fan of Harry Evans and it feels like ages since we have caught up with him. But I am glad to report it has certainly been worth the wait. And for those of you that haven't read any of this series you won't be disappointed.

The author brings us a page turning cracking story which is only 99 pages long with a jam packed gritty and twisted plot. One of the things I love about this author is he always gives us a well writen on the edge of your seat read.

Single mother Julie Simon who is found in her kitchen who has been brutally stabbed. Cumbrias Major Crimes Team are on the case and we follow an investigation to find out who assaulted her.

I was hooked from the very first page, in fact I couldn't read this fast enough. This will certainly have you guessing until the end. I am so glad that a full length novel is out soon.... this story has certainly tickled my taste buds.

I highly recommend it for fans old and new giving it 4.5 stars.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 23 March 2018
Juie Simon sits in her kitchen..terrified..Someone takes one of her own kitchen knives and stabs her in her stomach..When DI Campbell and DC Amir Bhaki arrive at the scene they are perplexed as to what could have gone on ...Bhaki phones his old boss DI Harry Evans who is now a consultant with the force...Then the team begin to look into Julies past with no stone left unturned...but who would commit such Julie lies in the hospital..They find themselves looking closer to those that knew her.....but the three w.are in the forefront of their minds Who ..?What and Why...This novella from Graham Smith will keep you on the edge of your seat...Here we see a gentler side of DI Evans...and DI Bhaki young in years yet wise beyond them has come a long way...The Major Crimes Scene are a mixed bunch but when they are on the case...with DI Evans...Y'all better watch out..
Elaine Fryatt
Elaine Fryatt Reply to on 2 June 2018
I really enjoyed this novella and it certainly kept me enthralled. Julie Simon had been tied up in her own home and received stomach injuries. She was the mother of two children. Her son was in Deerbolt, a young offenders institution and her daughter was at school and found her Mum on her return. D.I. Campbell and D.C. Amir Bhaki investigate the case. D.I. Harry Evans had been retired out of the force but beginning a consultancy role and Amir calls upon him for help. I felt the plot line was very good. I love this series of books.
handbaglover Reply to on 31 March 2018
I can’t believe I’ve missed this fantastic author, and I’m so glad I’ve managed to read all the Harry Evans series. It’s time they brought these sort of coppers back to sort out crime!!!

This novella was just wonderful and I whizzed through it into the early hours. Can’t wait for the next instalment.
michelle Reply to on 24 March 2018
Another great read a real page turner and keeps you guessing until the end , my only complaint is it was only a short novella .
Sandra Davies
Sandra Davies Reply to on 22 March 2018
Short and very sweet - the telling of it, at least. And also the glimpses of Harry Evans as he watches his team from the sidelines.
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