Viralinfo Evo Stik 191 Adhesive Cleaner - 250ml 097056:Viralinfo
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Evo Stik 191 Adhesive Cleaner - 250ml 097056:Viralinfo

Evo-Stik Published in September 20, 2018, 11:14 pm
 Evo Stik 191 Adhesive Cleaner - 250ml 097056:Viralinfo

Evo Stik 191 Adhesive Cleaner - 250ml 097056:Viralinfo

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moth4thestar Reply to on 30 December 2012
After 2 years and numerous attempts with different cleaners and cloths and still not being able to completely remove the sticky residue on my fridge door from the packaging it came in, I decided to search for a solution and found this. I put some on a cloth and rubbed it on and in seconds I had a clean fridge door. I then went round my house looking for other things to use it on and it took the sticky residue from a price label off a leather glasses case without marking the leather. It came in very handy before christmas as quite a few gifts I'd bought had sticky price labels that left a residue when removed and they looked much nicer once I'd cleaned it off.
Expert Review
Expert Review Reply to on 29 January 2018
A powerful cleaner which quickly removes even the most stubbornly adhered labels to all sorts of surface types. Be sure to replace the screw cap as quickly as possible after use as this fluid evaporates like crazy as well as making you feel dizzy if you are using it in a confined space.
G.M Reply to on 10 June 2017
Not very good at removing adhesive and very dangerous stuff to use ! read the label ! I ended up using lighter fuel which did the same job with much less trouble and completely removed the glue residue from a plastic pump bottle that I took the label off to re-use the bottle with a different content.
andrew jeffs
andrew jeffs Reply to on 4 August 2016
might be ok for fresh glue etc..but it wouldn't even touch residue left behind by removed leaded window strips.
To be fair the strips had been on the window for years,but I expected it to at least remove some of the old glue.
Roy Casswell
Roy Casswell Reply to on 17 September 2017
I have had stuck to my windows fly stickers for a long time because they looked like permanent fixtures. So giving this product a try and hope it can remove them. Well it worked better than I expected plus using a window scraper. Able to remove all of the glue.
gows Reply to on 16 April 2015
I give this evo stik adhesive cleaner 5 stars I had to repair a bit of car interior where the cover sticks on to the base of the site had a couple of marks of glue which of soaked through on to the cover but this removed it straight away with a few rubs with microfiber excellent product recommended fast delivery great service from amazon as usual
daveyd78 Reply to on 25 March 2013
i bought this to remove some old tile adhesive from some wooden steps worked a charm with little effort i tried other removers but none worked this stuff got to removing the stubborn adhesive in seconds really rate this gear
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 November 2017
this is an excellent pvc window surround cleaner as well as removes mastik and other glues from surfaces.
marko Reply to on 10 July 2018
the best cleaner
eric consult
eric consult Reply to on 28 October 2017
Best thing I have used to remove sticky stuff
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