Viralinfo Merrell Watepro Maipo, Men Multisport Outdoor Low Rise Hiking Shoes, Black (Black), 10 UK (44.5 EU):Viralinfo
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Merrell Watepro Maipo, Men Multisport Outdoor Low Rise Hiking Shoes, Black (Black), 10 UK (44.5 EU):Viralinfo

Merrell Published in October 22, 2018, 2:30 am
 Merrell Watepro Maipo, Men Multisport Outdoor Low Rise Hiking Shoes, Black (Black), 10 UK (44.5 EU):Viralinfo

Merrell Watepro Maipo, Men Multisport Outdoor Low Rise Hiking Shoes, Black (Black), 10 UK (44.5 EU):Viralinfo

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Mr Yeltsin
Mr Yeltsin Reply to on 7 February 2017
Excellent summer trainers that let your feet breathe without looking like a sandal-wearing weirdo. The cord attachment points are a bit sharp when you put them on, but during wear they don't rub, so it's all good. I've only just retired the previous incarnation of these shoes, and they lasted a good 8 years. Hopefully my recent experiences with Vibram soles wearing more quickly than older models won't be repeated here.
Pete Reply to on 27 July 2018
I bought these years ago and they were brilliant trainers. However, the new ones I recently bought are unusable. They fit perfectly but the one on the right foot has some stitching which rubs my little toe very badly, a really annoying problem as I got them for a holiday and tried to tell myself they would soften up, but they just got worse and they blister the side of my toe. Not what I expected from merrell. It looks like quality control has been a bit lapse on this occasion. I will try to return them but I am probably too late.
James Reply to on 13 August 2018
I know Merrell sizing is considered all over the place - but never had a problem before.
I'm a 12, I order 12, it's normally fine.
Length of these seems right, but width on my right foot is "just" a bit narrow. My right foot is a smidge wider, but normally shoes stretch a bit.
Not quite so simple here as the 'toe-box' is rigid.
My real complaint though is that these shoes "squeak". No idea where it's coming from, best guess is the laces over the mesh - but I can take them off, bend the shoe, and it makes a noise.
Helicotrema Reply to on 31 March 2016
These were a replacement pair. The last ones lasted many years, and were excellent for walking and cycling either with bare feet or thin socks. If you are a "hot foot" person, then the holes will keep your feet cool. They are best used for walking in warm/hot weather, and are the most comfortable pair of walking shoes I have. Unlike some other Merrell shoes and boots, the quoted UK size is about right. I take size UK 11, and they were the correct fit. Please note these are not waterproof, but when they got very wet whilst walking in Lanzarote, they dried very quickly in a dryer. Thoroughly recommended.
Mr john Wheeler
Mr john Wheeler Reply to on 17 April 2016
This is the 3rd pair that I have bought as I need a good pair of water shoes to wear for my work when canoe & kayak coaching, and coasteering.
They are flexible and comfortable to wear with good soles with plenty of grip, well made and take all the punishment I put them through.
Chris R
Chris R Reply to on 10 October 2017
For most people these are probably summer wear as the bulk of the trainer is a fabric mesh and not waterproof / insulating at all. The fit was great, I have broad feet. And I've had them off road, they dry quickly when my feet get wet (due to the mesh construction).
AndyMcK Reply to on 16 May 2016
Bought these which were described as unisex, but on completion of the checkout process they were then described as women's. However apart from them having light blue webbing they look OK. Worn them for the last couple of days and think they will be OK. They have a stitched seam on the inside which rubs slightly on the outside of my toes, if I don't wear socks, so cloud cause blisters. Hopefully will be OK when broken in. Certainly a lot cheaper than other sellers on the web (50% cheaper). As ever quick delivery from Amazon. and for once minimal packaging. Recommended.
mickg Reply to on 4 April 2014
This is my second pair of these Waterpro trainers. I'm still using the first pair 4 years on!
They are so comfortable I just had to get another pair as it seems that once you find something you like, they disappear and you have to scratch around to find them.
I have found that you need to buy half a size larger, but they do give a little once worn for a while.
All in all a great shoe and well worth the money.
Mr Gambit
Mr Gambit Reply to on 1 January 2016
I work on and around boats so im in and out of the water all the time. These have awesome grip on pretty much everything. Fairly comfortable. After a couple weeks of wear, the toe of the shoe started to dig into my 'Market Piggy' = Annoying. Also its pretty damn hot where I work. The upper part of the shoe gives great ventilation and cools well, but the sole is sweat city and they get really, really smelly if you dont wear socks. I had to wash them daily. Overall, helpful when in the water and provide good grip and support with minimum drag when walking. Very lightweight. Look good. Dry out quickly.
KeithD Reply to on 18 September 2014
Run off road in these several times and ground contact is great.
The lacing system looks a little gimmicky but when you make the effort it does help with them fitting well for the whole foot.

I have used them for road running too but find the cushioning is not great on the road. I have had cheaper shoes that are more comfortable and absorb the impact of the concrete better but then these are not built for road work so retain the five stars.
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