Viralinfo Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate No Added Sugar Bars By Perlege (6 x 42g):Viralinfo
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Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate No Added Sugar Bars By Perlege (6 x 42g):Viralinfo

Perlege Published in September 20, 2018, 11:14 pm
 Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate No Added Sugar Bars By Perlege (6 x 42g):Viralinfo

Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate No Added Sugar Bars By Perlege (6 x 42g):Viralinfo

Price:£7.58+ Free shipping

CarolinaBE Reply to on 4 February 2018
Fabulous bars - tasty and really great quality.
The variety may not be crazy, but it includes some classic, traditional mixes - and that's more than enough to satisfy my craving.
The size is just right and I personally feel fairly satiated after one of these when I pack them as addition to my lunch.
The price is more than fitting, and so I would buy these again without hesitation.
Would definitely recommend to all people looking for a healthier alternative to the standard chocolate bars.
JAG Reply to on 16 April 2017
Arrived well packaged. Found these to be a superior product, rich chocolate in a thick layer which had 6 different flavours which were all fabulous and different from any other flavours I have tasted. I had not tried any during Lent, but as soon as I was back from church on Easter Day I had one, but then just had to try another as they are so delicious. I will certainly buy these again and wil also try others from the same seller. I cannot reccomend these highly enough.
Jamelie Reply to on 20 April 2017
If you just want to cut on sugar and feel the taste of a good chocolate I think this little treats are perfect. Smooth and creamy they made my day when feeling for a sweet tooth! You can even share it, there's plenty in one even if is 42 g each. My husband who dislikes sweets without sugar likes Perlege chocolate. A bit pricey but enjoyable!
Odessa Reply to on 30 August 2017
Too good! The best tasting 'no added sugar' chocolate that I've tasted. The usual chocolate for diabetics is unpalatable, but this Perlege is different and extremely more-ish, which is why I won't buy it often, but as a treat occasionally, superb.
Lili Baker
Lili Baker Reply to on 19 October 2016
Nice but eat sparingly as can be a little over sweet.
caroline Reply to on 5 December 2016
Brill will buy again and again.
ctrl_alt_dileep Reply to on 25 May 2017
Absolutely love it. Have already ordered more. Despite the temptation, can't eat a lot due to its laxative-ness.

Can't wait to get the next batch!
JM Reply to on 11 June 2018
Very nice chocolate but beware, it contains maltitol which not only still raises your blood sugar, but gives you stomach upset only after eating one of the bars. Not worth it. Bought it for my diabetic boyfriend and ended up having to eat it all myself - which I regretted. Companies should stop using maltitol - what is the point of no added sugar if it has a high G.I and causes stomach upset?
jaycee Reply to on 8 January 2018
bought as a Christmas gift, recipient said they were very nice and he enjoyed them.Good variety of different flavours, arrived well packaged and on time. I recommend this company.
LisaH Reply to on 11 April 2018
Recently my boyfriend has been diagnosed as diabetic. This chocolate meant I didn’t feel he missed out on Easter egg hunt as I got him these. Expensive but worth it
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