Viralinfo Tena Large Pants Maxi - Pack of 10:Viralinfo
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Tena Large Pants Maxi - Pack of 10:Viralinfo

Tena Published in October 22, 2018, 2:29 am
 Tena Large Pants Maxi - Pack of 10:Viralinfo

Tena Large Pants Maxi - Pack of 10:Viralinfo

Price:£14.60+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

Linda Reply to on 12 August 2015
found these tens pants, do just as description says. far better than cheaper brands, hifghy recommend
mc Reply to on 30 December 2016
These new Tena pants are not quite as thick as the original - are slightly thinner and feels lighter, more frequent changes because of decrease in absorbency thickness, still good, but the original better!
Debbie Carr
Debbie Carr Reply to on 20 March 2017
Does what it promises.....great value. Not easy to find size and absorption in shops so most impressed
.....crossdreser john........
.....crossdreser john........ Reply to on 24 December 2016
dose what it says on the pack and especily for times of heavy flow at times at night and fof slight faecal movements
L. Warren
L. Warren Reply to on 20 September 2015
Bought for mum, who is a size 16/18. Very comfortable and takes a lot before leaking. Best I've found! If you need bags to put them in after I ordered the black, peal off sticky strip plastic bags for sending things in the post. Strong, cheap and not see through!
jill Reply to on 25 November 2017
found it was a bit expensive but never the less was happy with my purchase, usualy buy from boots which is a little cheaper as it is there Brand i buy.
Ellie Reply to on 30 January 2018
Bought for my sister who is disabled, does an excellent job of keeping her dry at nigh.
Scrutineyes Reply to on 8 September 2017
Excellent protection but only four stars because they do feel slightly bulky and so the wearer is always aware of them.
John Leslie Sellers
John Leslie Sellers Reply to on 25 April 2017
These are good, very discreet but a lot better than the cheaper ones because you don't have a embarrassing leakage. I would recommend these to anyone with a problem with incontinence
V. Evans
V. Evans Reply to on 31 December 2014
Saves from washing the sheets and clothes several times a day of the person I look after
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