Viralinfo UV Protectant Spray - Restore and Renew Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Surfaces in cars. boats, and more! TriNova:Viralinfo
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UV Protectant Spray - Restore and Renew Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Surfaces in cars. boats, and more! TriNova:Viralinfo

TriNova Published in September 20, 2018, 11:15 pm
 UV Protectant Spray - Restore and Renew Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Surfaces in cars. boats, and more! TriNova:Viralinfo

UV Protectant Spray - Restore and Renew Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Surfaces in cars. boats, and more! TriNova:Viralinfo

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Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 8 December 2017
great product works better than any tyre shine last longer too restores plastic trim
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 July 2018
Excellent for the job
Mrs. C. Franks
Mrs. C. Franks Reply to on 8 March 2017
Thks fast del works well
Miz Reply to on 12 January 2017
Worked well on plastic bumper
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 February 2017
left a great shine very happy with this product would buy again
Kiyone Reply to on 26 September 2016
I ordered this product as I have a lot of items that get a lot of outdoor use where, if they haven’t faded already, I’m worried that after prolonger sun exposure they’ll start to loo aged.

In particular, I thought this would be good for my garden umbrella, which by its very mature is designed to stand in the sun all day (when we have any!) and which starts to look quite tattered after a few months in the summer.

The spray is really easy to use, you just spray it on and wipe off any excess and that’s your item protected! I’m going to start using it on other outdoor items, like patio furniture and see how they hold up over the long term.

Please note that this item was received either for free or at a reduced price for the purpose of testing it in order to provide a full and impartial review. I am in no way affiliated with the seller or the manufacturer either personally or professionally and I have no commercial interest in the product.

I always investigate the product fully before offering any opinion but I am happy to answer any further questions or provide more information if you would find it useful, please just leave a comment or ask a question in the section below.
amanda Reply to on 31 August 2016
This UV Protectant Spray comes in an attractive bottle that is comfortable to hold and has a trigger spray top. The spray disperses well and directions are simple: spray it on, wipe it in, wipe off any excess.Really it is just a matter of spray it on and wipe it around, unless you over-spray an area. You can immediately see the difference in where you have applied it vs. areas yet to be done. The difference is dramatic and for me, that is the payout when you are cleaning your vehicle. I live for that WOW..this looks GOOD finish on the interior!
Imagine the worst, most faded out nasty looking trim ever. That's what I had. I should have taken pictures before. And now look at it! And days later its still looking brand new. This stuff is crazy. I really might actually do that scheduled ordering so I can continue to have such good looking trim.I think the thing I like best is that once you put it on, it lasts for a while.... So far it has been a couple weeks and still going strong. It isn't greasy,The fragrance is fruity and fresh and it is refreshing to apply no chemical smell like other products ive used in the past.
JS06 Reply to on 7 November 2016
A useful spray to restore the shine to pvc. We've used it with success on our replacement windows frames and it really does bring up the shine of the wood effect. It's a good way to prevent the plastic drying out completely, it helps restore life to the frames and brings them up a treat.

A little goes a long way and a small amount used on outdoor plastic furniture too brings up the colour and helps make the furniture look fresh again.
Sonia Heryet
Sonia Heryet Reply to on 30 October 2016
This is a great product, it works brilliantly on my leather items and doesn't leave residue or marks, I wouldn't recommend using too much though. A small amount goes a long way.
Very happy with it, would buy it again.
Kijikoo Reply to on 5 October 2016
My husband is a perfectionist. I, on the other hand am not too fussed. Some things are important but things like garden furniture and the cars dashboard are not on my list of priorities. My husband however, loves to keep the car looking tip-top and uses various sprays and cloths to clean both the interior and exterior. The car is 8 years old but generally looks almost new. Apart from the dashboard. That has faded from a charcoal grey colour to a lighter shade, which kind of gives away the age of the car. So when I came across this trinova uv protectant spray I knew he'd want to try it out.

As usual it arrived quickly. It is quite a large 140ml bottle with a screw cap and a spray nozzle which you can swap it out with. It's really simple to use. Spray and wipe/buff and it brings back the the colour on the dash board which was amazing. It's now also been used on our metal painted planters in the garden which tend to peel every summer and then my husband sands them down and repaints them every autumn. He's repainted them and used this spray on it. Obviously I can't say at the moment how beneficial it will be but we'll find out over the coming months. I've also used it to spray all our house window sills at the back of the house as it tends to get intense sunlight all day long, which means the paint peels off the sill and I have to repaint it almost every year. Again I'll have to see the result over the coming year. I've used other trinova products and have yet to be disappointed, so I'm sure this will be the same, fingers crossed.
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