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All Ride Booster Seat Grey:Viralinfo

URBNLIVING Published in September 20, 2018, 11:15 pm
 All Ride Booster Seat Grey:Viralinfo

All Ride Booster Seat Grey:Viralinfo

Price:£8.50+ Free shipping

MandyM Reply to on 13 August 2013
We were taking our 6 and 9 year old to Sardinia on holiday and the car hire company wanted 60Euros to hire 1 booster seat! We bought these and took them in our luggage - they are much smaller and almost weightless so we put them in their own bag and checked them in! The best thing is that because they were so cheap we just left them there!
A great product for your holiday but I am not sure of their durability if in every day use as they are only polystyrene covered in a material cover.
Carlo Reply to on 3 April 2017
Does the job, but the strap securing seatbelt to the seat broke first time I used it. Flimsy, cheap, but ok, I only needed it for a one-off visit. If that's what you need, it's ok
a mccarthy
a mccarthy Reply to on 25 September 2015
This booster is perfect to fit in your suitcase/hand luggage if you are hiring a car abroad. It is incredibly light (it is basically polystyrene) but did the job fine. At this price I left it behind after the trip.
donna owen
donna owen Reply to on 24 April 2017
This is a great little seat, easy to install and keeps my niece and granddaughter secure when we take them out.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 November 2017
Perfect for what I needed, would be nicer to be a little more robust as I feel it'll break easily but it fits in between two big high back boosters on my back seat which is perfect as non of my other wider boosters fit in the middle seat. I'd pay twice the price for a longer lasting one.
Timbers Reply to on 6 April 2017
Made out of cheap styrofoam, only get it if it is for occasional use...
Alan Reply to on 24 August 2018
Bought these to carry in the boot of our car so they are ready to use when I pick our grandchildren up for weekends and trips.
Gary P.
Gary P. Reply to on 8 March 2017
Very cheap and cheerful, does the job
anniebob Reply to on 28 January 2018
V flimsy. Would question how safe as can only attach booster seat to Car seat with very loose and fiddley Velcro fastenings which arent strong. If it is legal i would say it's useful as it's narrow so can fit in backseAt between 2 isofix chairs.
beer matt
beer matt Reply to on 16 May 2017
Very light and compact - I've purchased to take abroad to save on extortionate car hire fees. I'm not sure how durable it would be for long term use.
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